Sunday, 7 August 2011

Well, here goes: this week marks the launch of 'Gina Take a Bow', my new venture manufacturing and marketing embroidered borders for soft furnishings. Its been quite a while in the 'incubation' stage - over a year, I think. But I've got my samples, ordered my first batch and am now busy building a website.

First off, an explanation about the name: one of my customers told me that he and his partner sometimes referred to me as 'Gina Take a Bow'. He said it came from an old Smiths' single, (but when I checked that, I found it was 'Sheila Take a Bow').

Ooh, Morrissey, you were so young once!

Anyway, the name stuck and now I've decided to use it for my borders. I admit it, I'm proud of them.

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