Wednesday, 4 July 2012


You may have read my dissertation on the merits of rice over sand for filling a fabric doorstop a while back - in which I kind of came down on the side of rice for the sake of convenience. Well, I've got an urgent update to report that has definitely changed my mind! I've recently been away on a 10 day break in Sicily (of which more later)and on my return noticed a few grains of rice around my lovely doorstop in the hall. It took me a while to investigate properly (I thought my sewing may have come apart) but when I did it was obvious that I had had an uninvited house guest in my absence! A MOUSE!
A mouse had gnawed a hole in the fabric and was making nocturnal return visits to help himself to some rice! He left a nightly calling card alongside the rice he couldn't quite manage to eat, just so I would be sure it was him!
SOOOOO! I take back everything I said earlier about rice being a better bet than sand as a filling. I'm going to have to re-make and this time, line the fabric with plastic and fill it with sand. I'll let you know how I do!

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