Friday, 24 May 2013


This is a photo of my oldest sister Sara reading on a sofa in what I reckon must have been about 1955 or 56. The sofa was part of a newly aquired Parker Knoll 3 piece suite that graced our family home in Singapore throughout my childhood. Long, long ago but I can still remember that sofa like I was sitting on it yesterday - the perfect, child-sized dimensions, the feel of the tweedy upholstery, the shiny smooth curve of those wooden arm-rests.

So imagaine my delight to receive another photo today from a friend in Singapore, who's family inherited the exact same sofa and chairs? The chair has been re-upholstered recently in a fabulous Timorous Beasties Bee print. Doesn't it look magnificent? And what a testament to the longevity of Parker Knoll - both as a design classic and as a piece of furniture nearing its 6th decade of continuous use!

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