Monday, 3 March 2014


I'm not one to subscribe to the damning notion that all 'is grim up north' but have to admit to an element of surprise and delight on a recent visit to the Knightsbridge of the North, formerly known simply as Leeds. Shopping malls around the world need to step up and pay attention please: I want vaulted domes, mosaics and dazzling stained glass with every purchase from now on!

But, actually, what I loved the most about it was the proximity between one shopping experience and another - Louis Vuitton cheek by jowl with Poundland and, just across the way from all this gilded opulence, a good old northern covered market offering dazzling displays of fish, spice stalls, bolts and bolts of dress fabric, cake stalls, haberdashery and a sweet shop I'm sure must be related:

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  1. I think you'll find that Knightsbridge is the Leeds of the south. Smashing stately homes oop north too... and that's just the rellies xx