Wednesday, 14 May 2014


It can't have escaped anyone's notice that we are having a beautiful spring - not so much on the sunshine front, I'll grant you. But that mild and wet winter has really paid off with lush greenery and lavish blossom rampaging through this city. Recent dog walks have become an excuse for some up-close flower photography. And that got me thinking, as so many things do, about using some recent flowery photos from my patch, I've been trawling fabric libraries for some textile equivalents - with some surprising results:

Harlequin Juniper Blossom

Sandersons Early Tulips

Sandersons Camellia Blossom

Sandersons Horse Chestnut

Colefax & Fowler Alderney

Morris & Co

Vanessa Arbuthnott Cowparsley

I could go on and on.....but lets assume that I'll return to this floral subject again as the seasons progress.

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