Saturday, 20 December 2014



Once the shopping is done, the tree trimmed, the presents wrapped and the turkey basted, for most of us it is a required Christmas tradition to veg out in front of the TV... and for that, at least here in the Northern hemisphere, you need a decidedly toasty home.  Now here is something that will work hard to provide that cosy ambience...just by flopping down at the foot of a draughty door, keeping the icy air outside at bay.  

You can make this draught excluder either as a gift or for your own home - its another easy make with instructions on the Makes tab above.   I made this one out of some beautifully textured fabrics from Mark Alexander and Osborne and Little, trimmed with my Gina Take a Bow checked braid in black and natural.

Not only is it stylish but it will buff up your eco-credentials - after all, green-ness is integral to the very idea of a draught excluder - but in addition, because I believe a draught excluder needs to be a) quite heavy so it stays put and b) eco-freindly, no flimsy polyester wadding goes anywhere near mine. Instead I recycle fabric and interlining scraps and even the odd old t-shirt, slicing everything into strips and stuffing them all tightly into the tube.

Now, where's that TV Times?

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