Sunday, 2 April 2017


Sea-scapes and other watery impressions are a current theme in fabric design. Inspired in part by technological advances in digital printing - where full-scale paintings can be transferred to fabric - which in turn inspire designers to reference artists like Turner or Rothko, with a nostalgic nod to 60's tie dye.  Here are a few that bring these painterly aquatic images right into the home...

Boeme Largo Ocean is an impressionistic stream of rippling water on a big scale where the print            measures 137cm by 93cm, on a supple viscose and linen blend.  

Mark Alexander's Utopia, inspired by mid-20th century 'colour field' paintings of Mark Rothko, with a touch of hippy tie-dye!

Romo Black Edition's Ombra Peacock is a digital print of hand-painted sea-scapes transposed in a large-scale grid on fluid translucent linen

Harlequin's Kailani makes me think of Impressionist or Japanese painting of islands in an icy calm sea, is printed with a whoppping 130cm pattern repeat to create a large-scale statement.

Bluebell Gray is a fabric brand from Glasgow with a signature look based on hand-painted watercolours transposed onto fabric by very modern printing techniques.  This linen print is called Morar, recalling the silver-sand beaches of Western Scotland.

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