Monday, 2 June 2014


Last year I talked about my new blinds and how, after weeks of agonising, I very uncharacteristically plumped for a dizzy abstract triangle print from Romo.  I should not have fretted because nine months later I am still mesmerised by this seemingly simple design.  The intermittent pop of random colour causes the pattern to morph from square to triangle, lozenge to diamond, egg-timer to envelope.  I find it strangely soothing, which probably says more about me than the fabric!

So today, I thought I'd look for more triangles, and the results of my quest I lay before you here:

To begin, my original choice but in another colour:  Romo's Quadra Rowan

Fancy Moon's Casa Azul Bright.  Fancy Moon are a treasure-trove of other-worldly fabrics - to whom I will return in due course as they are definitely worthy of a stand-alone post.

Relative newcomers on the block, Flock nurtures emerging graduate talent to produce wild and colourful prints like this Northmore Major - a patchwork for the digital age.

Kirkby Design specialises in high-performance fabrics and Puzzle is no exception, printed to withstand years of rough and tumble on a sturdy and washable brushed cotton with 50,000 rubs.  

I can see the pine forests of Sweden in this lovely geometric print called Jaffa produced by Scandi desingers Spira: available in the UK from Andshine.

The only woven cloth here, Suki by Margo Selby is a silk double cloth construction where one layer is cleverly designed to contract slightly when it comes off the loom, creating a unique 3-dimensional effect that brings the wonderful colour combos and design to life.

John Lewis are celebrating 150 years of trading by re-producing some style icons from their past including this striking Lucienne Day print.

Villa Nova's Attis Onyx is a digitally printed velvet, which brings me full circle to segue rather nicely into the post below!

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