Monday, 9 June 2014


It hasn't escaped the notice of this mongrel-owner that the top dog breed to be seen out with these days is a whippet, or, maybe if you like your edges a little more roughed up, a lurcher. Once bitten, it would seem, these fashionista dog-owners become obsessed, and whippet paraphernalia slowly pervades their homes. And believe me, I'm not talking just dog-collars and coats here, but paintings and decals, whippet key rings and other slender doggy accoutrements. Hardly surprising I suppose when their dog-of-choice is a veritable canine supermodel: with sleek and sinuous body, elegant muzzle, perfect eye-makeup on soulful eyes and, when not racing around in demented circles in the park, a cool and languid nature.

So, having established this breed's impeccable design credentials, I wasn't at all surprised to come across whippet-themed fabric and wallpaper rampaging around a stand at the recent Clerkenwell Design Series where London-based designer, Virginia White was launching 'Whippets', the latest addition to her range of fabrics. A small-scale print on white or natural linen, designer Rose de Borman has managed to capture the sheer speed and thrill of the chase. I pity those poor rabbits, though!

Then I found another Rose de Borman print, this time called 'Lurchers', available at Fabrics and Papers:

And I LOVE this Rose de Borman cushion, available from her website:

Inspired, I began to look around for other dog-fabrics and soon found this stunner at US fabric house, Schumacher:

Adapted from a 50's print, Shumacher's Diamond Dogs in Chartreuse

And finally, for something altogether more sober and sedate, there's this printed linen from Emily Bond called 'Long Dog'

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