Wednesday, 10 December 2014



Here's another easy make - whether as a gift or to grace your own table.  Just measure your table, allow enough overhang on all sides, cut your fabric accordingly and make a narrow hem on all sides.

Re: fabric - make sure it is washable, and to avoid shrinkage later, wash and dry the fabric before you start bearing in mind that a tablecloth gets stained and needs to be washed long and hard sometimes.  

My fabric is a lightweight cotton from Fancy Moon, printed with a joyous folkloric print that gladdens my heart whenever I look at it - it makes me think of gypsy caravans, narrow boats and all things folksy and summery.  Its narrow though (112 cm) which is perfect for my kitchen table, but not going to work on a wide dining table - however, in that case I would make a table runner and use it to jazz up a plain tablecloth (even a paper one!)

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