Friday, 12 December 2014



Now I happen to think this would make a very nice present - napkins are like pillowcases - a) you can't really have too many and b) they really don't all need to match.  Well, maybe in the case of pillowcases, its nice to have 2 that go together, but a white tablecloth laid with lots of different coloured napkins would be totally cool!

Here they are looking like a box of Christmas crackers

As it happens I had a long strip of lovely blue green linen that was enough to cut 4 x 53cm square pieces that when hemmed all around made 4 generously sized 50 cm napkins.   Linen is a perfect fabric - elegant when crumpled but, more importantly, uniquely absorbent so good for blotting and mopping.  And its hardwearing so will withstand many many washes.  Best to wash and dry the fabric before you start, in case of shrinkage - remembering that you may well want to wash them long and hot to get rid of all those red-wine and good food stains of the future.   

The best place for 100% linen in a HUGE range of wonderful colours is The Cloth Shop in London's Portobello Road.

And to complete the look, I used a strip of fabric leftover from my tablecloth to make these easy napkin rings with the help of some stiffener and buttons, but tying them with some ribbon or even a length of string would be just as effective.  

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