Thursday, 12 February 2015


I've scoured the world (wide web) for some loud and proud and - yes - throbbing heart print fabrics in honour of the impending day of Saint Valentine.  No sacharine sweet St Valentine's here - just large-scale and super colourful love-liness.  Enjoy!

Corita Rose is a textile company based in Dorset, making wonderful, exuberant printed fabrics.  This one is called Amor Yellow, printed on linen with devotional hearts interspersed with blue birds.

This is another Corita Rose fabric, called Medieval Hearts in red, printed on cotton velvet.

South African studio printers, Designkist specialise in digital prints with an African flavour - this one is called Shweshwe Hearts - 'shweshwe' refers to the indigo printed fabrics of traditional South African dress.

I cannot resist this pretty print from Fancy Moon called Corazones Primavera by California-based designers de Leon Group - with lots of little Mexican devotional hearts dancing across the fabric.

Another large scale design of  embroidered hearts in zingy colours on white cotton called (understandably) Sweet Heart by Harlequin.  These folksy embroidered hearts are nearly 20 cm across with rich textured stitching that reminds me of eastern European embroideries.

Umbrella Prints are based in Australia and call this Grand Hearts in Smokey Black, printed on an organic hemp and cotton basecloth.  On a grand scale, these hearts intersect to form a curvy and bold honeycomb pattern.  Here's another shot to give you a better idea:

May your Valentine's Day be filled with love as strong, vibrant and passionate as all these fabrics. 

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