Friday, 20 March 2015


I've just spent some time in Sicily - which I hope goes some way to explaining the time-lag on this blog.  The weather was a little inclement for much of the time, but that didn't seem to detract from the sheer abundance of lush produce everywhere you look. No wonder they are famous for their cuisine! Cauliflowers, fennel, and artichokes filled the markets - whole stalls tumbling with outsize vegetables. You couldn't help but buy and buy and rush home to cook up a pasta with brocolli brodo, or a fennel salad, or artichoke hearts slavered in fresh olive oil.  

But for me, the best thing by far was the citrus fruit - lemon trees groaned with bright yellow fruit; then the 'cedro' - the outsize lemons where you eat the whole fruit: pith, peel and all, dripping with honey. And truckloads of oranges, parked up on the roadside. Sicily is famous for its blood oranges - slices of dark red deliciousness and a kind of metaphor for this beautiful island with its dark heart and history.

With the zing of citrus still fresh in my mind, today I'm channelling oranges!

Marimekko Kivet fabric in pink

Romo Suvi Clementine

An outdoor print by Trina Turk for Schumacher called Sunglass in orange.

Another Schumacher outdoor print designed by Trina Turk and called Sunriza.

A cotton print called Zsa Zsa in Pebble, Chilli and Jasmine by Scion.

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