Monday, 4 August 2014


I am on holiday. I have come home to Singapore, the island where I grew up. Though changed almost beyond recognition in the intervening years, there is at least one constant: the famous Raffles Hotel. The stuff of legend and literary reknown, I remember it well from my childhood, gently mouldering in the tropical heat but still retaining a faded grandeur and elegance amid the ringing clink of ice cold Singapore Slings.

The hotel has undergone massive restoration and expansion since then, but the Travellers palms are still standing to attention outside, their leaves always fanned from east to west (hence the name - a kind of arboreal compass for lost and lonely travellers) and an abiding icon of the hotel.

No time to waste, I'm going in for a gin. But in the meantime I leave you with an array of some beautiful tropical palm prints I have gathered together in hot anticipation of this visit:

Christopher Farr Cloth's Palma in grass on white linen and in green on outdoor acrylic.

The 2 smaller samples are Christopher Farr Cloth's Brisa in hot pink and lemon

The large piece here is Bird In The Hand's Palm in chartreuse...

...and the smaller cuttings are Bird in the Hand's Palm 2 in chartreuse and Olive

Sanderson's Manila in green and blue

Sanderson's Rainforest in yellow/black, indigo and emerald

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  1. And after so many years a curtain shop in singapore read your book, what a strange (and nice) thing :)