Monday, 1 September 2014


After every holiday there is a come down, its true..but I'm over it, I assure you! And with the new month, the new term, the new season, lets here it for HOME! And thank my lucky stars that home is London - city of infinite variety and untold distractions. In celebration of that diversity and contemplation of home, I'm bringing you some swatches of uniquely London fabrics:

Timorous Beasties' LONDON TOILE in emerald, complete with a homeless person, bin men and winos...

A lot less irreverent is this LONDON TOILE in sienna by Boeme.

Linwood's LONDON SKYLINE turns architecture both old and new into a surprisingly soothing pattern.

St Jude's KENSAL RISING is London only in name - those chimneys, railway signals and telephone wires are hardly unique to London, but where else is Kensal Rise?

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