Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Earlier this summer, I found myself briefly washed ashore a sultry coral island with powder white sand and limpid blue water.  To entertain myself all day long, all I had to do was dip my head below the sea's surface to slip effortlessly into another underwater universe alive with vivid tropical fish, darting and rippling, all different, all a thousand electric hues.   

Home again on another, more concrete, side of the world, I think about that watery underworld a lot.  And in commemoration of my brief swim with the fishes, I've searched for some fishy fabrics which I present below:

Lewis and Wood's unique underwater toile is called Lamorna Cove, after a beautiful hidden part of Cornwall.  I love this diver's eye view of fish, crabs, seals and seaweed.

Designer, Alice Thompson's Imperial Goldfish from Mitas and Co
captures the undulating motion of fish perfectly - 

Thornback and Peel's Goldfish and Coral on ivory linen has sadly been discontinued...

But their witty Sardine Tins belongs to a new design category I like to think of as Abstract Realism!

Scion's lino cut fish print Samaki in Ink is just pleasingly simple.  

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